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Support Local Custom Apparel Studio Screen Printing

Something special happens when two local (Concord, NC & Kannapolis, NC) childhood  friends get together to start a business. Magic happens as they go from friends to brothers! And that’s the story of Studio Print Shop — brothers who came together in their passion for serving others!
It’s pretty simple: we love helping people take their brands and make them come to life! Screen printing and embroidery are a GREAT way to make that happen!
We would be honored to take care of all your screen printing and embroidery needs. Whether you want to do something special for a graduate, a birthday, an event, or even a wedding — we've got you! No job is too small. Or maybe you have a business, a band, a church, or a community group and need larger runs of merchandise. We've got you covered there as well! We can handle it all, and will do so with the attitude of making sure you know you're the most important customer we have!

Serving others and creating a great experience is at the core of our DNA. Creativity runs through our veins! This isn’t a job for us — it’s a passion!
We will take the pressure off of you as you work through what kinds of materials to pick, what colors you'd like, how many to order, etc. We'll walk you through all of that, making sure you enjoy both the process and the end result! You won't have to worry about hidden fees or terminology that makes no sense but still costs you something. That’s no way of doing business, and quite frankly, it's archaic. We are here to make this process a joy for you. So much so, that you’ll not only return to do business with us, but will tell your friends and family about your friends at Studio Print Shop as well!
So what are you waiting for?! Send us a message at or give us a call at 704.336.0409 today! We’re located in Concord, NC, and we are ready to take care of you today!


Your new friends at Studio Print Shop,

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