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Marilyn Monroe Mural at Studio Print Shop, Concord NC

Updated: Jul 12


At Studio Print Shop, we take immense pride in our vibrant local community and the abundance of talented artists who call Concord, NC, their home. We believe that art has the power to connect, inspire, and enrich our lives. That's why we are thrilled to spotlight both the iconic Marilyn Monroe mural and one of our very own local artists, Casey Johnson.

The Enigmatic Marilyn Monroe Mural:

Standing tall and captivating visitors as they enter our shop, the breathtaking Marilyn Monroe mural commands attention. This awe-inspiring masterpiece is the result of a collaboration with the exceptionally gifted local artist, Casey Johnson. We wanted to immortalize the allure and charisma of Marilyn Monroe, an iconic figure that continues to captivate generations with her timeless beauty and talent.

Celebrating Casey Johnson's Artistry:

Casey Johnson, a rising star in the local art scene, has a unique ability to breathe life into her

creations. Her exceptional talent and eye for detail are evident in every stroke of the mural, effortlessly capturing Marilyn's enigmatic charm. As a business that strongly believes in supporting local talent, we couldn't have been more delighted to work with Casey on this extraordinary project.

Fostering Local Creativity:

At Studio Print Shop, our commitment goes beyond just showcasing exceptional art. We were able to work with Casey and turn not only her Marilyn piece but several others into printed wearable art. We are staunch advocates of supporting local artists and other businesses in Concord, NC. Our collaboration with Casey Johnson is just one example of how we actively seek to nurture and promote creativity within our community.

Embracing Local Art:

Our doors are always open to emerging and established local artists who wish to display their work on screen printed or embroidered wearable art. We believe in creating a platform for artists to share their vision, connect with art enthusiasts, and find a sense of belonging within our vibrant community.

Supporting Local Businesses:

Just as we value local artistic talent, we also recognize the significance of supporting other businesses in Concord, NC. Our goal is to create wearable art for you just as we did for Casey. We want to understand your needs, vision, and create a wearable work of art that brings attention to your business, event or organization. We also source our materials from local suppliers whenever possible, fostering a strong network of collaboration within the community. Together, we can create a thriving local economy that benefits us all.


The unveiling of the Marilyn Monroe mural by Casey Johnson at Studio Print Shop represents the culmination of our commitment to celebrating local artistry and fostering creativity within Concord, NC. We invite you to visit Studio Print Shop, explore the captivating mural, take a selfie, and experience the vibrant artistic community that makes our city truly exceptional. Join us in supporting Casey Johnson and other local artists, as well as the thriving businesses that form the heart of our community. Together, we can continue to enrich our lives through the power of art and collaboration.

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