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Building a church is hard enough. Creating an identity for your church takes a whole new skill set! Here’s a hint: there’s no greater marketing than a walking, human billboard! Having church-branded merchandise on all the people that call your church home will bring great identity and awareness of who you are to your city.

But let’s face it — many of you have tried to make church merch in the past and seen the hurdles that come with it. As a church, you want the best merch for the best price possible, without being gouged with hidden fees. All while being treated as an important customer. Not to mention, you don’t want to be locked into excessive minimum order quantities!

Here’s where we come in. We can help guide you on the best style of apparel for your budget, and work with you on the quantity you actually need — not one we force you to have. We’ll turn around your products quickly and treat you as our most important customer! We’ll do all of this, making sure we meet your needs, stay within your budget, keep you happy, and make you a repeat customer. 

What’s your next step? Contact us today for a consultation and to get your order going!

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